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Beyond Impact has been an active investor in this sector since 2017, its programs participating in the earliest rounds of cellular agriculture companies, like Mosa Meat and Blue Nalu, deeptech alternative protein producers, such as Geltor and Clara Foods, and plant-based brands, such has Meatless Farm and Mighty Pea. Since its initial seed investments, companies in its portfolio have gone on to raise 100s of millions of dollars, bring innovative animal-free products to market and expand globally.

Through its strategy of identifying companies with products that are superior, scalable and sustainable, which hence have the potential to significantly contribute to undercut existing animal-derived products and turbocharge the shift away from animal exploitation, it aims to achieve high impact and simultaneously strong financial returns.

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A demonstrated track record in promoting diverse founding teams

Beyond Impact already boasts significantly better metrics for gender and ethicity within its first vehicle than the venture capital industry as a whole, with almost half its current portfolio companies co-founded or led by a woman, and almost 40% co-founded or led by members of minority groups.

Vegan Diversity Fund

Furthermore, the investment team is composed 100% of vegans, and itself diverse, with a female at the helm, an active past Board member of a women’s professional organisation and domestic violence charity, two other women and a person of colour as investment executives, as well as an advisor who has won awards for her promotion of diversity and inclusion in early-stage investing.

Beyond Impact’s Chief Investment Officer, Claire Smith, has 35 years of senior level finance and investment experience at leading banks and investment advisory firms, and the other members of the team have expertise in food and agtech investing, food company operations, industrial manufacturing and impact venture funds. Three members of the investment selection and advisory team are based in the US and some 40% of the current Beyond Impact portfolio is in companies in the US and Canada.

Subscription to the Beyond Impact Vegan Diversity Rolling Fund is effected via the Angelist platform. Subscriptions may be made quarterly with a minimum investment in any quarter of $5,000.

Beyond Impact also provides direct co-investment opportunities through operating an AngelList syndicate.

The lists of investments featured above were selected due to their notoriety in the startup space and venture capital community. These lists are provided for illustrative purposes only and are not an exhaustive list of all investments made or involving Beyond Impact. A full list of Beyond Impact’s investment history will be made available upon request.

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