Take advantage of Beyond Impact’s expertise



Invest in the future of food and materials innovation

Take advantage of Beyond Impact’s expertise in the selection of high-growth and impactful companies by registering as a co-investor. Build your own portfolio of specific deals with the benefit of having Beyond Impact monitor your investment and provide regular updates. Priority invitation and preferential terms will be provided to investors in Beyond Impact institutional funds. Beyond Impact also operates a syndicate on AngelList to offer co-investments to Vegan Diversity Fund investors.

These co-investments are handled via invitation-only access to deals in which Beyond Impact is an investor, which are published to its clients via the Funding by Beyond Animal platform.

Co-investments attract management and performance fees payable to Beyond Impact for its preferential access to these and follow-on investments, continuing oversight and updates on company news and valuations.

To participate in co-investments, you will need to be a qualified or institutional investor and complete client onboarding and KYC formalities.