Investing for Humanity

Beyond Impact
Investing For Humanity

Accelerating our transition to a compassionate world

Beyond Impact Advisors was created in 2017 to facilitate investment in products and services that are either inherently vegan in nature or are cruelty-free and remove mankind’s reliance on the raising of animals for slaughter.

A kinder, cleaner, healthier world

Polar Bears

The Problem

Humanity’s reliance on animals for food, clothing, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other uses is inherently unsustainable in a world where the population of humans is anticipated to reach almost 10 billion by 2050. Intensive animal production is devastating to our management of natural resources, contributes to climate change and pollution of waterways causing ocean dead zones. Raising animals for slaughter is inherently more costly in terms of land use, water and energy than obtaining the same nutrients directly from plants. Modern industrialised farming poses a grave risk in terms of the development of antibiotic “superbugs” thanks to their overuse in the cramped conditions the animals are kept, as well as proximity with diseased animals heightening the risk of zoonotic diseases. The search for new drugs to alleviate human suffering is hindered by the use of animals whose responses rarely mimic our own.

The Solution

All nutrients that humans require can be derived from plants and in an ideal world no animals should suffer at the hands of humans. Beyond Impact seeks to accelerate our transition towards a compassionate, cleaner and more healthy world by investing in fast-growing, scalable businesses that facilitate and promote a vegan lifestyle, and in technologies that allow us to replace the products that have traditionally come from animals with new, cleaner versions that avoid animal suffering and reduce environmental damage and risks to health. These investments will have a positive impact for animals, people and the planet, but also present compelling investment opportunities as a result of rapidly increasing consumer demand for cruelty-free, more sustainable products and healthier and higher nutritional content plant-based food options.

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“Love the animals: God gave them the rudiments of thought and an untroubled joy. Do not trouble it, do not torment them, do not take their joy from them. Do not go against God’s purpose. Man, do not exalt yourself above the animals: they are sinless.”


A kinder, cleaner, healthier world


Investment programs advised by Beyond Impact Advisors are open to accredited/qualified investors only, due to the higher risk of loss involved in early stage investing.